My name is Yulia Sanatina and I am a self-taught photographer and graphics designer. I've been working with photography since 2008 and started designing in 2013.
I work with Photoshop, Illustrator as a photographer and graphic designer. As additional, I use Animate and Premiere Pro. 




Any photographer's introduction needs some gear introduction as well, just to give a "full-frame" picture about the provided services.
Let's start with the camera itself. I use Nikon D810 which is a full-flame digital mirror camera with a wide range of options from single shots till wonderful videos.
The first of my lenses to introduce is Tamron 70-200mm. It gives a solid picture of everything, which is on some distance away from me as well as pretty much useful for macro photography.
This lens is Nikon 24-50mm. I use it for everything, which isn't far from me, for portraits, for landscapes, for objects which are moving or remain static. It is indeed the most useful one among those who make creative photography.


And here I have four wonderful lenses that add optical strength to my 24-50mm lens. Each of it has its own macro-lens property as +1 +2 +4 +10. As I work with small and tiny objects as well as textures, I like to use these tools.


This is all about me as a professional and my gears and tools for now. If you are interested in any sort of photo/graphic cooperation, let me know on my social media or via e-mail.